Proceedings of the Annual ALISE Conference launches first issue with IOPN Journals

We are excited to announce that the Proceedings of the Annual ALISE Conference has published their first issue with IOPN Journals. ALISE, the Association for Library and Information Science Education, promotes innovation and excellence in LIS education. The 2022 issue is now available, and contains papers from the 2022 ALISE Annual Conference, October 24-26. The conference theme was “Go Back and Get It: From One Narrative to Many,” which focused on amplifying marginalized voices and examining how LIS educators must “rewrite our history as we shift from a single to a complex narrative in order to incorporate unacknowledged knowledge and wisdom so that we can make positive progress.”

We are thrilled to partner with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and host our annual conference proceedings using their publishing network. The ability to assign DOIs is an important value-add to our conference. The process is much more efficient and the university library experts were incredibly helpful and diligent. – Michaela Sawicki, ALISE Executive Director

This is the first year that the conference proceedings are published with IOPN Journals. Previously, the proceedings were published via the University of Illinois’s institutional repository, IDEALS. New issues will continue to be archived in IDEALS after they appear. You can learn more about the conference and explore the full issue, available now.