IOPN Seeks Interested Freelance Copyeditors

The Illinois Open Publishing Network is looking for freelance copyeditors to review works prior to final publication. Our press publishes a range of long-form work ranging from public history to social science research methods textbooks to critical editions of short stories. Copyeditors will review works in final production for grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and citation style. The copyeditor does not do developmental editing or significant revision of sentence style beyond grammatical correction, although they may indicate sentences that are unclear. Timelines for completion will be negotiated based on the publication and the copyeditor’s availability.

Successful applicants will have:

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Able to complete tasks within the estimated timeframe
  • Familiarity with one or more style guides, including Chicago, APA, and MLA


Application includes a short cover letter that describes your interest in the position, and your level of comfort with various style guides (Chicago, APA, MLA) or scholarly disciplines. Please also include a resume or CV, and a short document (5-10 pages) that you have lightly copyedited.

Please send these materials to Interested freelancers will be considered on an ongoing basis. Our next projects will available as soon as December 2022 and applicants who wish to be considered are encouraged to apply ASAP.