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    About Us

    Anhui Sailing Agrochemical Co., Ltd. is a pesticide manufacturer approved and designated by the government of China. It specializes in research and development of pesticide formulations and export processing of pesticides. Our company office located in Hefei city and boasts highly advantageous transportation, geographical location and comprehensive supporting facilities.

    It mainly manages the export of pesticide processing mixture reagent. The enterprise owns professional pesticide R&D ability as well as powder agent, water decentralized grain, missible oil production equipments and liquid reagent automatic separate line and powder separate lines. In the control of quality: it owns high pressure liquid phase color spectrum, gas phase chromatography, size distribution exterminator and moisture exterminator and other test equipments.Our team have more than 15 years, experience of pesticide research. The enterprise has higher start with such professional management technology team.Cyprodinil