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    Product Description
    The 9V Ni-MH battery has a prism shape with rounded edges and a polarized snap connector at the top. It is available in the nickel metal hydride chemistry and delivers power of 120 mAh to 300 mAh. A 9V Ni-MH battery is usually used in walkie-talkies, clocks, and smoke detectors.

    Quick Details
    Model No.9V Ni-MH
    Brand nameWINPOWA
    Place of originGuangdong (China)
    ChemistryNickel metal hydride
    Nominal Voltage (V)8.4
    Open circuit voltage≥8.75
    Rated capacity (mAh)120–300
    Internal impedance≤750 mohm
    Cycle life≥500
    Dimensions (mm)26.4 L x 16.4 W x 48.5 H

    Product Pictures

    Cautions for Use
    Ni-MH batteries should be charged prior to use.
    DO NOT subject the battery to adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures.
    DO NOT mix WinPow batteries with other brands.
    DO NOT remove the casing from a battery pack.
    If the battery gets hot, do not touch until it cools down.

    About WinPow
    Established in 2007, WinPow is an ISO9001 and BSCI-certified battery manufacturer headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong. As one of the largest 23A/27A series battery suppliers in China, we are committed to expanding our markets abroad and providing a wider range of products for customers from around the world.

    Q: Can you help us with the shipping?
    A: Yes, we have forwarder partners.
    Q: Can I design the package on my own?
    A: Sure.
    Ni-MH 9V Battery