Community Collaborations to Identify and Interpret Misinformation


  • J.M. Shalani Dilinika University of Pittsburgh, SCI
  • Jamaica Jones University of Pittsburgh, SCI
  • Emily Anna Keith
  • Sneha Vaidhyam University of Pittsburgh



media literacy, misinformation, disinformation


In collaboration with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, a group of PhD students in Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh is hosting Dr. Claire Wardle, co-Founder and co-Director of the Information Futures Lab at Brown University School of Public Health in an online discussion of the role of data across media and journalism ecosystems in the age of online misinformation. This project arose from grant funding awarded through the University of Pittsburgh’s Year of Data and Society, an initiative aiming to “increase… awareness of what socially responsible data practices look like in all domains”.[1]

This event will engage the audience in critical considerations of the ways in which data can be both an investigative tool and the subject of breaking news. It will also create an opportunity for continued discussion about misinformation, the privileges sometimes required to identify misinformation, the role of the media as information gatekeepers and our responsibility in the information professions to become and remain data literate.

[1] University of Pittsburgh. “About.” Year of Data and Society Initiative, 2022.




University of Pittsburgh. “About.” Year of Data and Society Initiative, 2022.






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