Towards a Model for Assessing Student Learning Outcomes


  • J.M Shalani Dilinika University of Pittsburgh



assessment of student learning, student learning outcomes, assessment methods


           This poster will illustrate the preliminary investigation results from an ongoing qualitative study of the assessment of student learning in master’s-level programs in Library and Information Science (LIS). The preliminary investigation explored the current practices and methods of learning outcomes assessment in MLIS programs. The websites of fifteen American Library Association (ALA)-Accredited MLIS programs in the U.S. selected as a geographic sample were reviewed along with publicly available program presentations and self-study documents prepared for ALA Committee on Accreditation. The review indicated that these MLIS programs employ a diverse range of methods for assessing student learning outcomes, including capstone courses, e-portfolio/portfolios, surveys, independent studies, field studies, internships, and practicum courses.

            As the next step, an exploratory survey followed by interviews will be conducted with some of the faculty in these fifteen MLIS programs to examine the success and effectiveness of current learning assessment methods. The survey responses will be analyzed and coded according to emerging categories for ease of interpretation. Then, the results of the survey and interviews will be utilized to construct models for assessing student learning based on best practices.






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