Curriculum SIG: LIS Curriculum from Past to Present




social justice, makerspaces, data science, knowledge management, Diversity Equity and Incusion


The curriculum SIG will examine how the history of curriculum in  LIS education impacts the LIS curriculum of today.

Dr. Rene Burress, Dr. Xiaofeng Li, and Holly Hebert will share results from their work answering the research question, “How did the LIS curriculum prepare librarians competencies in diversity, equity, and inclusion to address today’s social justice issues in their libraries and communities?”

Dr. Suliman Hawamdeh will discuss how revisiting our understanding of data, information and knowledge impacts curriculum development and will shape the future of information and knowledge profession and the development of LIS competency-based curriculum.

Dr. Elizabeth Burns will share results of a study that will explore the extent to which LIS programs dedicate attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their curriculum.

And with the future in mind, Dr. Yong Ju Jung and Dr. Soo Hyeon Kim present thoughtful educational principles and strategies for how to provide the most effective learning experiences for students in online makerspace courses. 







Panels (Juried and SIGs)