Vol. 25 No. 1-6 (1952)

Article 1 - Characteristics of Residual Insecticides Toxic to the House Fly. Willis N. Bruce
Article 2 - Effect of Permanent Flooding in a River-Bottom Timber Area. Lee E. Yeager
Article 3 - Canada Geese of the Mississippi Flyway with Special Reference to an Illinois Flock. Harold C. Hanson, Robert H. Smith
Article 4 - Biology of the White Crappie in Illinois. Donald F. Hanson
Article 5 - Commercial and Sport Fishes of the Mississippi River Between Caruthersville, Missouri, and Dubuque, Iowa. Paul G. Barnickol, William G. Starrett
Article 6 - Tularemia, Weather, and Rabbit Populations. Ralph E. Yeatter, David H. Thompson
Published: 1952-06-30