Highlighting Heritage:

Promoting Collections through Pop-Up Libraries at the Multicultural Center


  • Kara Flynn University of Arkansas
  • Marianne R. Williams University of Arkansas




Social Justice, Pop-up library, Library Outreach, Special Collections, Diversity & Inclusion


In an effort to reach students in a new way and increase the visibility of library resources and services, a pop-up library program was piloted at the University of Arkansas in collaboration with the University of Arkansas’ Multicultural Center. This article discusses the planning, implementation, and outcomes of the program. The authors also offer changes they would pursue in future pop-up libraries to further enhance student engagement and relationship-building with both student groups and campus organizations.

Author Biographies

  • Kara Flynn, University of Arkansas

    Kara Flynn is the Research & Educational Services in Special Collections at the University of Arkansas. 

  • Marianne R. Williams, University of Arkansas

    Marianne R. Williams is the Librarian-In-Residence at the University of Arkansas. 


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