When the Doors Close: Promoting Academic Library Services in a Remote Environment through Strategic Storytelling


  • Anna Moorhouse University of British Columbia Library




storytelling, marketing, academic libraries


During times of upheaval, storytelling can become a bridge to establish organizational trust and convey essential service information. When the doors to the University of British Columbia Library’s physical branches closed in March 2020, the work performed by librarians and library staff across campus didn’t stop—instead, it pivoted, shifted and expanded. UBC Library's Communications & Marketing team created a three-part story series to strategically draw the focus of the wider campus community to promote these new and adapted services and reinforce the library’s essential role in research, teaching and learning. Using this series as a case study, this article explores how to craft and pitch a compelling academic library services story.

Author Biography

Anna Moorhouse, University of British Columbia Library

Anna Moorhouse is the Communications and Marketing Manager at the University of British Columbia Library in Vancouver, Canada. As a marketing professional, she brings more than 10 years of experience from roles in financial services, the technology sector and higher education. Relationship building has always been essential to her work. She completed her undergraduate studies at Simon Fraser University with a BSc in Biology, followed by a MA in English Literature at Queen’s University.