Introduction to the Program:

The Black Book Interactive Project Scholars Program

The Black Book Interactive Project (BBIP) Scholars Program is the professional development component for the History of Black Writing (HBW). Project participants have access to the HBW corpus of over 6,000 texts. Our inter-institutional partnerships include the Textual Optics Lab at the University of Chicago, the College Language Association, the HBCU Library Alliance, Hathitrust Research Library, University of Kansas Libraries, Clark Atlanta University, and the Detroit Public Library.

Becoming a Scholar

The BBIP Scholar Program is an opportunity for us to expand our reach and make our corpus accessible to fellow scholars both inside and outside the digital humanities (DH). 

  • Each Scholars Program cohort has space for up to 14 funded members.
  • Webinars are the primary mode of training.
  • In-person workshops may be offered
  • DH experts and others are available to consult with BBIP Scholars