A major component of the BBIP Scholars Program is a series of digital humanities webinars to inform and support the scholars’ work. The webinars are live events for the program scholars and advisors and the recordings are shared here with the public as a resource.
Additional webinar recordings will be shared as they become available.

Digital Humanities: Introductory Concepts and Examples
With Brian Rosenblum (Co-Director, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities; Digital Humanities Librarian, University of Kansas)

Recorded on April 29, 2022

Introduction to HBW Corpus and PhiloLogic Search Interface

With Hoyt Long (Textual Optics Lab, University of Chicago) and Arnab Chakraborty (BBIP-ER Project Manager, University of Kansas)

(YouTube) Recorded February 15, 2019

Better Practices with Data Management
With Erin Wolfe (Metadata Librarian, University of Kansas) and Jamene Brooks-Kieffer (Data Services Librarian, University of Kansas)

Recorded June 14, 2019

Digital Humanities, Digital Archives and Social Justice
With Dhanashree Thorat (University of Kansas) and Dr. Maryemma Graham (BBIP Director, University of Kansas

(YouTube) Recorded March 22, 2019

The 100 Novels Project: On the Origins of BBIP
With Howard Rambsy (Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville) and Kenton Rambsy (University of Texas - Arlington)​

(YouTube) Recorded April 13, 2019

Digital Humanities, Technological Recovery and the Black Literary Tradition 

With Kim Gallon (Purdue University)

Recorded August 9, 2019

Digital Humanities: Methods, Intersections and Applications (2020)

With Amy Earhart (Texas A&M University) and Kenton Rambsy (Howard University)


Recorded March 20, 2020

BBIP Mini-Conference 2020, Part I
With BBIP Scholars Conrad Pegues, Seretha D. Williams, Rochelle Spencer, Marina Del Sol, Elisio Jacob, Tyechia Thompson and Sarah Mease

Recorded April 16, 2020

BBIP Mini-Conference 2020, Part II
With BBIP Scholars Susan Weeber, Ebony Perro, Joyce White, Jacinta Saffold and Khirsten Scott

Recorded April 17, 2020