How to use this site

DLLACS serves as a digital annotated bibliography and portal to primary and secondary sources about sport in Latin America and the Caribbean. In this site you will find ways to access resources such as monographs, serials, memoirs, pamphlets, in addition to being informed about other sport libraries and collections. The site is meant to serve both the study and teaching of Latin American and the Caribbean through the prism of sport.

Scope: Some of the items featured in this site are accessible in full open content, but not all. Some items, especially the material under the Avery Brundage Olympic collection, are described and organized, but in order to access them you will need to do it in person by visiting the University Archives at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U of I). Similarly, U of I’s growing Latin American and Caribbean sport monograph collection and historic Latin American sport magazines, such as the Argentinean magazine El Gráfico (1946-2018), Brazil’s Placar (1970-2015), Colombia’s Mundo Ciclístico (1976-1991), or Cuba’s El Deporte (1960-1992), among many more, can only be consulted on site. Thus, the website acts as a centralizing hub on resources for the academic study of Latin American and Caribbean sport, linking visitors with open access resources and the identification of institutional collections at Illinois and beyond. “Sport” in this site is defined as broadly as possible. You will find material here about popular sports such as soccer (fútbol, futebol, balompié), baseball (beisbol, pelota), and basketball (baloncesto, basket, baskete), but also of any other sports. We also include material on physical education and recreation, from school curricula to speleology. Time periods are also wide-ranging from pre-columbian games, colonial equestrian, jousting, and to the most recent memoirs of the Central American and Caribbean Games or Pan-American Games. Given the historical ties between Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, you will also find some (but not exhaustive) resources about Spain and Portugal.

Organization: DLLACS is organized by type of resource and topic. The “Olympic Movement” is the only topical section. We have created sections for “Books and Pamphlets” and “Periodicals” and these cover a wide range of topics, time periods, and countries. A section entitled “Academic Resources and Collection” gathers different material of interest to scholars of Latin American and Caribbean sport, in addition to raising awareness of special libraries and collections in the field. All sections and entries within them have been described using relevant metadata. We have included descriptive elements such as place of publication, time periods, topics, author, and creator, among others to facilitate the identification of the resources needed. We have provided hyperlinks that will take you to either the resource itself or to the institutional repository of the collection.

Discovery: The simplest way to search DLLACS is to go to the search box at the top right corner of the homepage and type simple keywords such as country name (e.g. Brazil, Cuba, Mexico), sport (soccer, baseball, basketball), event (Olympic, Pan-American Games, Central American and Caribbean Games), etc. Notice that this search will not bring resources under the “Avery Brundage Collection” on Olympic sport. You will have to go directly to that section to see the University of Illinois’s holdings on that topic.

Alternatively, you can go directly to each section to look for materials of interest. At the bottom of each page you will see the words “Prev   Next” under a thin gray line. These are meant to help you navigate from section to section, not to browse within a section. 

The sections “Books & Pamphlets”, “Periodicals”, and “Academic Resources & Collections” show 8 to 12 items per page. To browse all items within these sections, click on the hyperlinked phrase “Explore all the items in this page”, just above the thin gray line at the bottom of each page. Currently, DLLACS does not have an advanced search option, but it is in the plans as the website keeps expanding.

Another way to discover resources is to find an item that you deep interesting, scroll down to the subject headings and click “See all items with this value.” This will bring up all items in DLLACS with on this subject.


If you have any questions about this website, or the Latin American and Caribbean sport collection at Illinois, please contact Dr. Antonio Sotomayor,, DLLACS Director, Associate Professor, and Librarian of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Illinois Library.