Welcome to the Digital Library of Latin American and Caribbean Sports (DLLACS) created and hosted by the Latin American and the Caribbean Studies section of the International and Area Studies Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The site aims to serve as an online bibliography that points scholars to resources for the study of sports and recreational activities across the continent. Not all of the items in the site are digitized and in open access. Instead, it serves as a clearinghouse to identify primary historical sources relating to sport, recreation, and physical education, their location, and scope. It also serves as a gateway to other web portals, online periodicals, and collections about Latin America and the Caribbean sports around the globe.


To do so, the DLLACS relies on Illinois’s growing Latin American and Caribbean sports collection, a unique focus among U.S. academic institutions. The Latin American and Caribbean Sport collection at Illinois surpasses 4,000 volumes, while Illinois' general sport collection exceedes some 46,000 titles covering specific sports (e.g. soccer, baseball, tennis, boxing, cycling, etc.), events (e.g. Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, FIFA World Cups), and formats (e.g. books, journals, music scores, DVDs, microfilms, posters, etc.) from all over the world and in multiple languages.