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Dissertations from 2007

Michael Kwame Forbes. American man: The ambitious searches of Rich­ard Wright and Ernest Hemingway.

Lloren Addison Foster. The Politics of Creation: The short story in South Africa and the U.S.

Ous­ma­ne Kirumu Greene. Against wind and tide: African Ameri­cans’ response to the colonization movement and emigration, 1770–1865.

Rita Reynolds. Wealthy free women of color in Charleston, South Caro­lina dur­ing slavery.

Lindsey R Swindall. Intersections in theatrics and politics: The case of Paul Robeson and “Othello.”

W. S. Tkwe­me. Vindicating karma: Jazz and the Black Arts move­ment.

Dissertations from 2006

Sandra Caona Duvivier. Mapping intersections: Black women’s identities and the politics of home in transnational black American women’s fiction (Paule Marshall, Toni Morrison, Opal Palmer Adisa, Haiti, Ed­­widge Danticat, Barbados).

David A. Gold­berg. Courage under fire: African American firefighters and the strug­gle for racial equality (New York City, Maryland).

Dissertations from 2005

Tanya M. Mears. “To lawless rapine bred”: A study of early North­east­ern execution literature featuring people of African descent.

Trimiko C. Melancon. Disrupting dissemblance: Transgressive black wo­men as politics of counter-representation in African Amer­i­can wo­men’s fiction (Toni Morrison, Ann Allen Shock­ley, Alice Walker).

Dissertations from 2004

Shawn Leigh Alexander. “We know our rights and have the courage to defend them”: The spi­rit of agitation in the age of accommodation, 1883–1909.

Brandon L. A Hutchinson. Refusing to be silent: Tracing the role of the black woman pro­tec­tor on the American stage (Georgia Douglas John­son, Alice Childress, Pearl Cleage).

Jennifer Jensen Wallach. Remembering Jim Crow: The literary memoir as historical source material (Richard Wright, Zora Neale Hurston, Lillian Smith).


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