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Mónica Carrillo is a feminist, scholar, poet, and the found­er/di­rec­tor of LUNDU, the Center for Afro-Péruvian Stud­ies and Ad­vancement in Lima, Péru. She was invited to at­tend the con­ven­ing as both an observer and a discussion par­ti­ci­pant. LUNDU is an or­ga­ni­za­tion of Afro-Péruvian youth who work to pro­mote recognition and respect for Péru’s African-descendant pop­u­la­tion and to combat racism and sexism in Péruvian society. Ca­rril­lo founded the organization when she was twenty-one as a means of ensuring that young Péruvians of African descent—who face both racism and sexism—know their rights and have information about their health. For example, LUNDU works in the poor, coastal town of El Carmen, where sex tourism is a growing industry, and rates of HIV/AIDS are among the highest in the coun­try. The organization operates as a safe haven, a place to develop self-esteem, pride in their heritage, and skills to protect their health and rights. Mónica Carrillo is also a journalist with expertise in international human rights law and African and minority rights. In her tireless work for social justice, she helps people understand the importance of human right—in­clud­ing sexual and reproductive rights—as she works in her community and internationally to defend the rights of Afro-Péruvians, wo­men, and youth. In the spirit of inclusion and broad­en­ing under­standings across ideo­log­i­cal, theoretical, and ex­peri­en­tial borders, she was asked to contrib­ute a position paper that connects Péru­vi­an Studies of the African Diaspora to con­ver­sa­tions for strength­en­ing Black Studies in the United States. Carrillo’s paper (provided here in both Eng­lish and, on page 267, in Ca­rril­lo’s preferred language of Spanish) offers a unique re­gion­ally sit­u­at­ed in­ter­na­tion­al perspective that offers a critique of the US-cen­­tered­ness of Black Studies, a point of view not of­ten con­sidered in dis­cus­sions.


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