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Recordings of Illinois 150 Presentations

The following presentations at Illinois 150 were recorded and shared with the University of Illinois community. Links to these recordings are gathered below for the convenience of members of the university. Access is limited to those with university network credentials, and the video content is not covered by the Creative Commons license used for this publication.

Keynote Address

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Advancing Food-Energy-Water System Resilience Through a Regional Resource Recovery Network

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Death by Policing: Race, State Violence, and the Possibility of Justice

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Humanities and Public Life

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Revolutionizing Brain Plasticity Through Advanced Science, Engineering, and Medicine

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Technocultural Futurisms: Code, Hack, Move

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Uniting Infection Biology for One Health

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Illinois 150: The 21st Century Research University and the Public Good by Kevin Hamilton, Paul Michael Leonardo Atienza, Jessica Harless, Kelsey Hassevoort, Robin Holland, Marcelo Boccato Kuyumjian, Allison LaHood, Beatriz Esmeralda Maldonado, Robert M Rouphail, Majid Shafiee-Jood, Lettycia Terrones, and Kevin Wallington is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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