Et Al.: New Voices in Arts Management

Stream⁵ : Forging Paths

Stream⁵ opens with energetic fire, rejecting systems of dominance and calling for radical transformation. The essays here—“The Fire in Time: Black Women Leading Arts Institutions in the 21st Century and Beyond” by Danielle Hill, una entrevista y video con Cynthia Martínez Benavides, Delia Xóchitl Chávez, y Erika Karina Jiménez Flores, and “Community, Creativity and Catastrophe: A Freirean Approach to an Arts Sector in Crisis” by Cailin Nolte—critique patriarchy and white domination, reject hierarchies between higher education and traditional knowledge, and position public art as a participatory process. These essays center community wisdom and ground the arts in community spaces.

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