Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: A Critical Edition

About This Book

This title is a publication in development for Windsor & Downs Press, an imprint of the Illinois Open Publishing Network (IOPN). It is available as a beta site for testing, feedback, and further development before final publication anticipated in 2022. Individuals with feedback on the edition are encouraged to contact the editor or to leave comments (viewable to others) using the sidebar which can be extended on the right side of the screen (new users will be prompted to create a account). For the final publication these comments will be hidden by default but will remain viewable for individuals with the plugin turned on in their browsers.

The text and accompanying images for both the magazine and book editions of Anita Loos's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes are in the public domain, as are digital images of other historical primary sources unless otherwise indicated in the metadata accompanying the media.

Editorial content Copyright © 2021 Daniel G. Tracy, with the exception of the chapter on "The Geography of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", which is Copyright © 2021 Daniel G. Tracy and Dani Palatin.

Digital images of the magazine and book versions of the novel have been provided courtesy of the University of Illinois Library. In particular, the editor thanks the staff for Digitization Services for their work on the original digitization, and the Rare Book & Manuscript Library for permissions to use their first printing of the first edition of the Boni & Liveright text.

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