How to Use The Jay Z Mixtape

Navigating the Jay Z Mixtape

As a user, you can read this project in a linear fashion by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. Also, you can navigate the project by clicking on the table of contents in the top left hand corner and accessing individual paths.

Clicking on an arrow immediately to the right of each path will reveal the contents of that chapter.  For instance, under the path “#TheJayZMixtape – The Language” there are four subsections: “The Evolution of Jay Z’s style,” “Jay Z’s Word Count & Lexical Density,” “Jay Z’s Word Usage,” and “Jay Z’s Similes."

Using the Tableau Public Visualizations

Throughout the mixtape, there are several interactive graphs that reveal a different aspect about Jay Z’s music.  The visualizations allow for the user to discover various features of Jay Z’s body of work by clicking on the charts and hovering over tabs to read information about the rapper. The interactive graphs are intuitive and allow the users to undergo independent discoveries. 

If you want to view a full screen view of select embedded visualizations, click on the “share” icon at the bottom of the page and copy and paste the “Link” URL into the a navigation bar.

YouTube Videos and Supplementary Information

In this digital project, I have incorporated YouTube videos that focus on various aspects related to Jay Z’s life and art. In these videos, Jay Z acts as a cultural critic of sorts describing his coming of age experiences and components of his music.

The videos capture Jay Z at various points in his life as viewers get to trace his development and note how his commentary changes as he matures.  Ultimately, the videos serve as supplementary materials that offer viewers brief and insightful commentary from the Brooklyn rapper.