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Et Al. imagines kaleidoscopic possibilities for the stewardship of culture and land as decolonizing practices. Culture and the arts can enhance society by strengthening our connections to each other and to the earth. This arts management book was born during a racial reckoning and accelerated by a global pandemic. What exactly is the business of no-business-as-usual? The ethical challenge for arts management is far more complex than asking how to get things done; we must also ask who gets to do things, where, and with what resources? Our task is to generate cultures that refuse to annihilate themselves or each other, much less the planet. Et Al. contributes to the conversation about arts and cultural management by providing rare, behind-the-scenes insights on justice-centered arts management praxis — ideas tied to action. The book makes space for people to publicly reflect, write, and share insights about their own ideas and ways of working. Its polyphonic voices speak to pragmatic strategies for arts management across cultures, genres, and spaces. Its stories are told from the perspective of individuals and families, micro businesses, artist collectives, and civic institutions. As a digital publication, the platform lends itself to multi-media knowledge objects; the experiences documented within it include ethnographies, qualitative social research, personal and communal manifestos, dialogues between peers, visual essays, videos, and audio tracks.

This open source, multimedia book is structured into six streams which are numbered for their exponential powers: Stream¹: Center is Everywhere; Stream²: Gathering Community; Stream³: Honoring Histories; Stream⁴: Shifting Research; Stream⁵: Forging Paths; Stream⁶: Generative Practice. The book discusses imaginative ways of generating cultural equity in praxis, and is an invitation for further imagination, conversation, and connection.

Et Al. presents an interactive landscape for readers, thinkers, and creators to engage with multimedia and intergenerational essays by Amy Shimshon-Santo, Genevieve Kaplan, Gerlie Collado, Abraham Ferrer, Julie House, Britt Campbell, Delia Xóchitl Chávez, Sean Cheng, Yvonne Farrow, Allen Kwabena Frimpong, Kayla Jackson, Erika Karina Jiménez Flores, Cobi Krieger, Loreto Lopez, Cynthia Martínez Benavides, Christy McCarthy, Janice Ngan, Cailin Nolte, Michaela Paulette Shirley, Robin Sukhadia, Katrina Sullivan, and Tatiana Vahan.


  • We Have Always Been Fabulous
    Amy Shimshon-Santo, Genevieve Kaplan
  • Using Our Superpowers
    Dismantling Exclusion and Racism in Arts Management
    Gerlie Collado
  • Shí Yázhí “there is money underneath your fingers”
    A Hózhó-centered Arts Management Framework
    Michaela Paulette Shirley, Kayla Jackson
  • Creating Spaces for Black Artists to Thrive
    A Multimedia Manifesto for ZEAL
    Allen Kwabena Frimpong
  • Taking it Virtual
    Community-Based Arts Education Programming
    Karina Esperanza Yánez
  • A Suit and Tabla
    Lessons on Arts Leadership
    Robin Sukhadia
  • The Womxn Who Saved VC
    Abraham Ferrer
  • Reimagining African American History Through Prosthetic Memory and Family Archives
    Julie House
  • New Approaches to Preserving Chinese Antique Porcelain
    Sean Cheng
  • White Space / Black Space + Occupational Hierarchy = Racial Battle Fatigue
    Yvonne Farrow
  • The Process is the Goal
    A Candid Discussion about Research in the Arts
    Cobi Krieger, Tatiana Vahan
  • From Observer to Researcher
    Katrina Sullivan
  • The Fire in Time
    Black Women Leading Arts Institutions
    Danielle Hill
  • Textos Textiles / Texts in Textile
    Aprender desde otros territorios / Learning from other territories
    Delia Xóchitl Chávez, Cynthia Martínez Benavides, Erika Karina Jiménez Flores
  • Community, Creativity, and Catastrophe
    A Freirean Approach to an Arts Sector in Crisis
    Cailin Nolte
  • Interaction and Accessibility through Public Art Maps / Interacción y acceso al arte público a través de mapas
    Loreto Lopez
  • Thirsting for the Written Word
    Christy McCarthy
  • Archival Re-Imagining Through Sound
    Versos y Besos Amplify the Story of Manuela Garcia
    Janice Ngan, Britt Campbell

Author Biographies

Amy Shimshon-Santo

Amy Shimshon-Santo is the author of Even the Milky Way is Undocumented (Unsolicited Press, 2020), Endless Bowls of Sky (Placeholder Press, 2020); editor of Arts = Education (UC Press, 2010) and Et Al.: New Voices in Arts Management (IOPN, 2022), and was the consulting producer for KCET’s Artbound episode on arts education (2021). Her writing appears in Prairie Schooner, ArtPlace America, GeoHumanities, Zócalo Public Square, Entropy, Tilt West, Boom CA, KCET/PBS, Yes Poetry, SAGE, SUNY Press, Public, Tiferet Journal, and she has performed internationally at venues including the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Amy was recognized on the National Honor Roll for Service Learning, and has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes in poetry (2020) and creative nonfiction (2017), Rainbow Reads Award in poetry (2020), and Best of the Net in poetry (2018). Her teaching career has spanned research universities, community centers, K-12 schools, arts organizations, and spaces of incarceration. Learn more about her body of work at

Genevieve Kaplan

Genevieve Kaplan is the author of (aviary) (Veliz Books, 2020); In the ice house (Red Hen Press, 2011), and four poetry chapbooks, most recently I exit the hallway and turn right (above/ground press, 2020), an anti-ode to the office. She earned her MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writer's Workshop and her PhD in Literature and Creative Writing from USC; she works as an adjunct professor, small press publisher, literary administrator, and freelance editor. Genevieve lives in southern California.

Gerlie Collado

Gerlie Collado is an arts, culture, and social justice junkie. Professionally, she has spent the majority of her career working with grantmaking and direct-service nonprofit organizations. She currently serves as the grants and administration lead of The Panta Rhea Foundation, a family foundation aimed at catalyzing a just and sustainable world through food sovereignty, people-powered systems change, and grassroots resilience around the globe. In addition, Gerlie has designed and curated participatory-driven arts and culture programming for multidisciplinary arts organizations in Los Angeles. She holds a MA degree in arts management from Claremont Graduate University, and a BA in business administration from the University of San Francisco.

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May 11, 2022

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