About IOPN


The Illinois Open Publishing Network (IOPN) is a network of publications and publishing initiatives that are hosted and coordinated at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library. IOPN offers a suite of publishing services to members of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign community and beyond.  We aim to facilitate the dissemination of high-quality, open access scholarly publications. Our services include infrastructure and support for publishing open access journals, monographs, and multi-media digital projects.

Who can publish with IOPN?

IOPN is committed to publishing high-quality open access works of lasting scholarly value across multiple disciplines, regardless of institutional affiliation. IOPN works with members of the University of Illinois community and beyond and we are especially seeking innovative digital publication projects that bring together multimedia and text. We additionally welcome partnerships with University Presses or other publishers in order to publish companion websites (such as a digital exhibit of related primary source materials) for traditional text monographs and articles. Individuals who would like to explore options for publishing with IOPN may request a consultation through our basic questionnaire.


  • Open Access: All of our publications are available to read for free online.
  • Retain Copyright: Authors who publish with IOPN/PWW grant us a non-exclusive right to publish their content. Authors retain their copyright and are free to copy, reuse, and disseminate the work as they like.
  • Dissemination: Reach a wide audience across many communities and outlets.
  • Institutional Support: The Scholarly Communication and Publishing staff at the University of Illinois Library are happy to consult with authors throughout the development of their project.
  • Preservation: The University of Illinois Library commits to preserving the intellectual content of IOPN projects in perpetuity, according to current digital preservation best practices.

Organizational Memberships

IOPN, through the University of Illinois Library, is a member of the Library Publishing Coalition and the Public Knowledge Project.