The Illinois Open Publishing Network (IOPN) team can help you navigate the process of starting a journal or digital publication. We provide advising and resources related to digital publishing, open access and scholarly communications, and copyright.

IOPN Initiatives

Publishing Without Walls

Publishing Without Walls is a Mellon Foundation-funded initiative at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that aims to develop an openly accessible, scalable, and sustainable model for library-based publishing that directly engages with scholars throughout the research process. All Publishing Without Walls publications can be accessed via the Publishing Without Walls catalog.

Windsor & Downs Press

Windsor & Downs Press is committed to publishing high-quality, open access works of lasting scholarly value on innovative digital platforms. All Windsor & Downs publications can be accessed via the Windsor & Downs catalog.

IOPN Journals

IOPN Journals supports the publications of open access digital journals in a cross-disciplinary range of fields and focused research.