Instruction in Libraries and Information Centers: An Introduction


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"A dream come true! Filling a significant gap in the literature, this textbook provides a thorough introduction to instruction in libraries. It builds on solid theoretical foundations, focuses on best practices, and encourages a critical and reflective professional approach to all aspects of instruction. This should be mandatory reading for current and future librarian instructors."

Heidi Julien, University at Buffalo, SUNY


"This. This is the book. This is the book we need. I needed this book two decades ago when I was teaching the introduction to library instruction course in library school. This is the book I needed ten years ago when I was helping to design the ACRL Immersion Assessment program. This is the book I needed last year when I was helping a new librarian find their way as a teacher. This is the book we needed. And, now we have it."

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, University of Illinois, "Foreword"


This open access textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to instruction in all types of library and information settings. Designed for students in library instruction courses, the text is also a resource for new and experienced professionals seeking best practices and selected resources to support their instructional practice.

Organized around the backward design approach and written by LIS faculty members with expertise in teaching and learning, this book offers clear guidance on writing learning outcomes, designing assessments, and choosing and implementing instructional strategies, framed by clear and accessible explanations of learning theories. The text takes a critical approach to pedagogy and emphasizes inclusive and accessible instruction. Using a theory into practice approach that will move students from learning to praxis, each chapter includes practical examples, activities, and templates to aid readers in developing their own practice and materials.

Please cite this book using the DOI: 10.21900/wd.12


  • About This Book
  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction to Instruction in Libraries
  • 1. Introduction: Instruction in Libraries and Information Settings
  • 2. Visions for Teaching in Libraries: Information, Technology, and Other Literacies
  • Foundations of Teaching and Learning
  • 3. Learning Theories: Understanding How People Learn
  • 4. Active Learning: Engaging People in the Learning Process
  • 5. Critical Pedagogy: Challenging Bias and Creating Inclusive Classrooms
  • 6. Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning: Serving Students with Disabilities
  • Instructional Design
  • 7. Identifying Audience Needs
  • 8. Establishing Learning Goals and Outcomes
  • 9. Assessing Learning
  • 10. Selecting Instructional Strategies and Creating Lesson Plans
  • 1.1 Designing Instructional Materials
  • 12. Delivering Instruction in the Classroom
  • 13. Evaluating and Improving Instruction
  • 14. Practicing Reflective Teaching
  • Teaching Across Venues and Modalities
  • 15. Online Instruction: Moving Workshops into the Virtual Environment
  • 16. Online Learning Objects: Videos, Tutorials, and Library Guides
  • 17. Credit Courses: Teaching Semester- and Year-Long Classes
  • 18. Point-of-Need Instruction: Teaching at the Reference Desk and in Consultations
  • Program Management
  • 19. Marketing Library Instruction
  • 20. Coordinating Instructional Programs
  • Appendix A: Instructional Strategies
  • Appendix B: Examples of Lesson Plans
  • About the Authors
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