// May your rage inform your actions: Embodying the monster and trans nonbinary praxis in creative coding

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alejandro t. acierto
KT Duffy


This project is presented as a critical call and response developed from texts initially written and assembled by KT Duffy, seen here as italicized portions of this project. In what follows, we consider Susan Stryker’s formation of the monster as the impulse for a set of theorizations around the assemblage of non-binary trans processes and methods. Advocating the release of the monstrous to actualize collective liberation, we situate the glitch as an essential animating element, utilizing this “visual monstrosity of error and interruption” in solidarity with Abolition Feminism to scope out the ways technology is counter revolutionary. Reflecting on the objective portrayal of technology, we examine how its destruction does not cease for communities made marginalized, even as the field is diversified. Mining the spaces between lines of code, we illustrate that coding is no longer an esoteric field and that coding and coding education can no longer exist in a vacuum. Instead, it must be grounded in examining how histories of capitalism and racialized hierarchies continue to cause harm. Here, we map out a praxis of trans-coding that activates the monster and its inherited glitches as a tool of disruption spawned in the spaces between binaries. Finally, we situate trans-coding in solidarity with Abolition feminism, where, from this in-between space, it propels the explosion of normative mediations in service of not only speculation but as an actualization of an Abolition Feminism imaginary.

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