Introduction: Trans New Media Art as Embodied Practice

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Chelsea Thompto
Ace Lehner


Guest edited by Ace Lehner (University of Vermont) and Chelsea Thompto (Virginia Tech) this special issue of Media-N titled Trans New Media as Embodied Practice asks: How do trans artists engage generatively with new media? In what ways does lived trans experience inform artistic practices? How do trans new media practices diverge and intersect with queer practices? The articles, artist projects, interview, and review in this issue engage with the political and embodied experience of making and engaging with new media as a trans person.

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Chelsea Thompto, Virginia Tech

Chelsea Thompto (she/her) is an Assistant Professor of Creative Technologies at Virginia Tech. Her work is strongly rooted in her experience as a transwoman and more specifically, the trans body as a site of contemporary productions of the inhuman, and of violence (physical, emotional, institutional, and otherwise) committed in the ongoing effort to reify gender as a binary system.

Ace Lehner, University of Vermont

Dr. Ace Lehner (they/them) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont. They are an interdisciplinary scholar and artist specializing in critical engagement with identity and representation; research areas include modern and contemporary art history and visual culture, new media, photography history and theory, social media, trans and queer history and theory, critical race studies, and performance.