Reframing Innovation Art, the Maker Movement and Critique

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Victoria Bradbury
Suzy O'Hara


This paper outlines five presentations delivered by invited panelists during Reframing Innovation: Art, the Maker Movement and Critique, our New Media Caucus affiliated panel at the CAA Conference, February 2019, New York City. The panel developed from our co-edited volume, Art Hack Practice(forthcoming, Routledge) which investigates global art hacking practices employed by individuals and groups who are working within, around or against the phenomenon known as ‘maker culture’ as artists, designers, curators and historians.

Each presentation offers a distinct account of contemporary art practices that reveal the many manifestations, characteristics and dialogs around current art hacking practices. By publishing these talks here, we aim to provide readers with new insights into projects that challenge perceived distinctions between sites of artistic and economic production by brokering new, direct ways of working between them, thereby challenging traditional understandings of the role and place of the art in society.

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