Lost in the City: An Exploration of Edward P. Jones's Short Fiction

Northeast Quadrant


The northeast quadrant is located east of North Capitol St. and north of East Capitol St. Notable landmarks within the NE quadrant include the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as Capitol Hill. Throughout Jones’s stories his characters often travel back and forth between the NE and NW quadrants, especially through the neighborhoods that cross the boundary.

Notable Landmarks of Northeast 

DC General - The District of Columbia General Hospital was a hospital located in Washington, DC. It was operational from 1806 to its controversial closing by mayor Anthony A. Williams in 2001, as the city was trying to cut costs while recovering from bankruptcy. At the time of its closure, it was the only public hospital located within the District.

The Shrimp Boat - The iconic Shrimp Boat restaurant at the intersection of Benning Road and East Capitol Street NE is perhaps Ward 7’s best known landmark.

H Street Corridor - Washington, DC’s H Street NE corridor was built in 1849. Streetcars followed 23 years later, creating a successful business center and encouraging development in the neighborhood. Throughout the early and mid-1900s, the area was one of the city’s commercial hubs, known for its art and dining scene, much like it is now.


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