Et Al.: New Voices in Arts Management

At a Glance

Key Findings

1. Occupational Hierarchy

Occupational hierarchy is the racist idea that Blacks don’t expect to be promoted. That they know and accept their place, and if they are promoted, it should never be over Whites (or those who consider themselves white-facing). As evidenced in the data, this symptom of systemic racism still has a foothold in the City in the areas of hiring, probation, and promotion.

2. White Space/Black Space Inequity

Spatial inequity is a form of racist macro and microaggressions where white spaces are considered desirable and therefore over-resourced, while black spaces are considered undesirable and are therefore under-resourced. As evidenced in the data, this symptom of systemic racism still has a foothold in the City in the areas of workspace, racist self-interest, and retaliation.

3. Racial Battle Fatigue

Racial battle fatigue (RBF) is the overwhelming feeling of exhaustion African Americans experience simply navigating life in a racist society . Similar to PTSD, RBF can manifest in a variety of ailments both physical and mental.

4. Radical Self Care

77% of employees surveyed made or consumed art as a way to decompress. This is a strong indication that the arts can be instrumental in self-care and healing.


  1. The City partners with LAABP in active labor reform (as this is their strong suit); LAABP recommit to its mission, as well as create a Racial Equity Initiative.
  2. The City explores spatial racism; root out unfair and unethical practices in the awarding of contracts; adopt a no-tolerance policy for retaliation; and use LAABP to reform Human Resources complaint resolution protocols.
  3. LAABP augments its member services to include support groups; the City requests expansion of wellness services to include and combat racial battle fatigue.
  4. The City uses the Arts, both performing and visual, to engage its employees City-wide as a prescription and pathway to healing and wholeness after the racial equity deep dive, ED 27, mandated by Mayor Eric Garcetti is completed.

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