Et Al.: New Voices in Arts Management

Stream⁶ : Generative Practice

The stories we tell are always mediated by evolving technologies. These essays—“Interaction and Accessibility in Public Art Maps / Interacción y accesibilidad a través de mapas de arte público" by Loreto Lopez; traducido por Carmen López, “Thirsting for the Written Word” by Christy McCarthy, and “Archival Re-Imagining Through Sound: Versos y Besos Amplify the Story of Manuela Garcia” by Janice Ngan and Britt Campbell—study the connections between physical and digital communities. Whether discussing access to public art, offering platforms for youth voice in publication, or circulating true herstories of intersectional women’s lives via sound, the discussions in Stream⁶ suggest infinite avenues for imagination, regeneration, and social justice through the arts and culture.

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