Forthcoming Titles: Et Al.: New Voices in Arts Management

Et Al cover imageIOPN is delighted to announce the upcoming release of Et Al.: New Voices in Arts Management, a collection of essays edited by Amy Shimshon-Santo and Genevieve Kaplan under the Publishing Without Walls imprint. Completed by a number of contributors’ collaborative efforts to carve out a more inclusive and equitable space in arts management, Et Al. highlights the importance of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) family, local, and community-based leadership and practice as critical forms of resistance. Using a variety of media items, from digital art to video and audio interviews in multiple languages (English, Spanish, and Mandarin), Et Al. celebrates polylingual, multicultural, and individual voices in arts management.

This multimedia collection offers a digital landscape for readers to reimagine stewardship of the arts and culture. Showcasing contributions from contemporary arts management practitioners, Et Al. presents kaleidoscopic possibilities for ideas and action. The book discusses imaginative ways of working toward cultural equity in praxis, and is an invitation for further creation, conversation, and connection. –  Amy Shimshon-Santo, Author and Educator, and Genevieve Kaplan, Author and Educator

Et Al. comprises six Streams, each with several essays written by scholars and practitioners of art. Stream 1 opens with Amy Shimshon-Santo and Genevieve Kaplan’s rejection of hegemonic systems of power operative in arts management, where capital and curatorial power over the arts have been monopolized by the privileged few. This is followed by Gerlie Collado’s call for new visions of inclusive arts management to challenge this unjust practice. Essays in Stream 2 examine BIPOC community-centered arts administration that prioritizes intergenerational mentorship, culture, and place, each in novel ways. Collectively, Stream 3 explores emergent forms of leadership and alternative models of arts administration. Stream 4 critiques the persistence of racism and shares strategies for queering research and expanding approaches to equity that include disability services. Stream 5 explores the theme of writing across diasporic, transnational, and bicultural boundaries to imagine a healthy and equitable society. Et Al. closes with a series of essays each envisioning how pursuing an alternative career path as editors and authors of culture can center low income and differently-abled BIPOC communities in public art. The collection presents heterogenous stories about participation that reveal how BIPOC communities are using innovative forms of technology, storytelling, and collective business strategies to catalyze inclusive futures.

Et Al. will be published by PWW spring 2022.