A Scoping Review of Collaborative Information Behavior

Definitions and Collaborative Tools


  • Abidemi Atolagbe-Olaoye University of North Texas
  • Hsia-Ching (Carrie) Chang




collaboration; collaborative activities; collaborative information behavior; collaborative tools; scoping review.


Many researchers have mischaracterized collaborative information behavior (CIB) with its sub-processes, including collaborative information seeking (CIS) and collaborative information retrieval (CIR). To learn about the most prominent CIB definitions, the phases involved in the CIB process, and the various collaboration tools that facilitate CIB, we sifted through a wide range of LIS research papers. Using a scoping review to correspond with the research questions, we conducted several iterations to exclude irrelevant studies while concurrently including pertinent ones. The “C5 model of collaboration” developed by Shah provides a framework for coding our data during content analysis and concept mapping. Our findings indicate that CIB has no generally adopted definition. Additionally, traditional workplace tools and technologies are the collaborative tools utilized for various collaborative activities. More CIB research is needed in the information science field to stay ahead of the rapid growth of collaborative AI technologies, particularly those that foster human-AI collaborations.


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