Academic Libraries and COVID-19




Academic libraries, Academic librarians, Pandemic, Change, Discovery


Since March 2020, academic libraries and higher education have demonstrated the modification of services and strategies supporting student success and research initiatives for all involved. Data will be presented showcasing themes from a recent mixed-methods study focused on the academic library profession and the pandemic. These themes include technology, information providers, assisting library users, student experience, leadership, empathy, disruption, accepting change, misunderstandings, and moving forward. COVID-19 has transformed how academic libraries became cognizant and discovered new ways of providing information and service to their respective communities. In many examples, academic libraries became the change agents at their institutions. The changes experienced with academic libraries and librarians provide a snapshot of what else may soon occur in the higher education landscape. What is disseminated via this poster illustrates the various opportunities that academic libraries may consider learning from the past and apply to the present and future regarding sharing information and services to higher education in multiple formats.






Works in Progress Posters