Pedagogical Trends in Librarian Support for Open Science Practices in Higher Education


  • Sanja Gidakovic University of Missouri-Columbia



open science, reproducibility and replicability, librarian instruction, pedagogical trends, curriculum integration


Librarians have an opportunity to collaborate with faculty and students in supporting and teaching transparency in research. Much of the focus in librarianship has been on supporting research practices, for instance, open access publishing, research data management and guidance on pre-registration of studies (Sayre & Riegelman, 2018; Sayre & Riegelman, 2019) or finding and using open access resources for instance, demonstration of Open Educational Resources (OER). However, there is a shift to embed the research practices of open science (OS) and transparency into teaching in higher education. Since open science practices focus on making research processes and data open accessible to the public, librarians can help to educate students and faculty on the benefits of OS practices and provide resources on how to incorporate OS into teaching.

This poster describes the results of an exploratory study focusing on the trends in librarian teaching support for OS practices in higher education. A mixed methods sequential exploratory design was used where a semi-structured interview and survey were administered to describe the current trends in librarian support for teaching OS at higher education institutions. The results indicate that academic librarians have varied approaches to teaching OS and different opportunities to collaborate within institutions. There were common pedagogical OS topics and perspectives on teaching OS practices in higher education.


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