Bringing Practice Into the Classroom

Case Studies and EDI


  • Joanna DePolt UNCG
  • Michael Crumpton



Practitioner, Case Studies, EDI


Collaboration between faculty, faculty practitioners, and practitioners enhances teaching and research opportunities, provides more hands-on learning opportunities, and improves the knowledge and experience of all of those involved. Students benefit from learning about real world scenarios to couple with theoretical knowledge. Such experience improves student outcomes and informs their professionalism. Practitioners bring value added to the department with real-time information on new practices, trends, and solutions. Administrations recognize this value added and are striving to foster more inclusivity. Collaboration builds more resiliency into LIS programs and encourages the development of new leaders in our classrooms.

Most LIS programs include a management course that is usually required.  Anecdotally many students react to the course with a disdain or non-preference for supervisory work and self-identify as not expecting to move into management or supervision. Many course designs include an assignment that requires the students to apply learned theory to a real-world scenario.  An emphasis on equity, diversity, and inclusion when applying learned theory to real-world scenarios has proven beneficial for students in our program. 

This panel will encourage participants to think critically about the role of practitioners in LIS education, with a particular emphasis on preparing students for future roles in administration. Practitioners, whether as adjunct faculty, guest speakers, or full-time lecturers, bring greater emphasis to the lived experiences of the field to the classroom. This blend of current research with current experience offers a more holistic program to the student. Both administrators and accrediting agencies recognize the depth this blend brings to departments as evidenced by shifting attitudes and the development of greater support.

This panel will discuss:

  • Incorporating EDI into your curriculum
    • Class discussion
    • Assignments
  • Case Studies
    • Using case studies to practice applying learning
  • Practitioners as educators
    • Full-time
    • Adjunct
    • Guest Speakers