Uncovering Anti-Blackness in Newbery Award-Winning Books with a Hybrid Content Analysis Approach


  • Vashalice Kaaba Florida State University




Anti-Blackness, John Newbery Award, Hybrid Research Methods, Representation, Racial Bias


This Work in Progress poster for the 2023 ALISE Conference, themed "Bridge the Gap: Teaching, Learning, Practice, and Competencies," presents ongoing research examining anti-blackness in John Newbery Award-winning children's books using a hybrid content analysis approach. The study aims to understand racial representation in children's literature and identify ways to align LIS education and practice with professional competencies addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion. The poster outlines the research objectives, methods, data collection, and preliminary findings related to the frequency, types, and patterns of anti-blackness in the selected books. The study's implications for bridging the gap between LIS education and practice will be highlighted, emphasizing the need for a dialogue between practitioners and educators on addressing racial representation in children's literature. Recommendations for integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into LIS pedagogy and curricula, as well as fostering collaboration between LIS educators and practitioners, will be presented. This includes developing culturally responsive collection development strategies, promoting critical literacy skills, and incorporating anti-racist teaching practices. By presenting this poster, the researcher aims to contribute to the conference's goal of building a dialogue between practitioners and LIS educators, facilitating the development of timely, relevant, and valuable education for students. Attendees will learn about the research methods, discuss preliminary findings, and engage in the ongoing conversation on this critical topic.






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