Adopting the 2019 ALA/AASL/CAEP School Librarian Preparation Standards

A Competency-Based Curriculum Revision for School Library Preparation Programs




competency-based education, school librarian preparation, advocacy


In 2020, The Utah State Board of Education announced their plan to redesign all educator endorsements to a competency-based model, which would provide certified teachers additional pathways to earning an endorsement in areas such as educational technology and school librarianship. This was a pivotal shift in the landscape of endorsing school librarians in the State. As one of two higher education institutions serving pre-service school librarians through State-approved university coursework, the program director and teaching faculty at Southern Utah University were closely involved in the two-year process of redesigning the endorsement requirements. This work ranged from the State-level committee to the eventual curriculum overhaul and program approval. Our team advocated for the state-adopted competencies to be derived from the 2019 ALA/AASL/CAEP School Librarian Preparation Standards. This paper provides an overview of the collaboration and pedagogical decision-making that took place in order to proactively respond and adapt to this shift.


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