LIS Core Curriculum, Technology Agility, and Instructional Design

A Re-visitation


  • Michael Miller Bronx Community College, City University of New York



Instructional Design, Technology Agility, LIS Core Curricula


Cloud-based library management systems, the Spring Share® suite of library service applications, open resources and publishing, Press Books®, learning management systems integration, and instructional design librarians have all become commonplace in the library services industry over the past decade. Agility for information and communication technologies is thus a core objective posed for the students in pre-professional training for graduate library and information sciences degrees. Over 15 years ago, this author proposed a template for a graduate library science course that incorporated key aspects drawn from an analysis of the field of educational technology.1 That course template was addressing the gap in library science curricula whereby the research had revealed that only a single course amongst all ALA accredited library science programs incorporated concepts from educational technology and instructional design. The current research project endeavors to see if the pre-professional graduate core requirements have expanded to address these important changes within the library sector. Preliminary results on the updated inventory of library and information science core curricula will be shared. Indications for further investigations and considerations will be presented.


Miller, M. J. (2007). Information communication and technology infusion in 21st century librarianship: A new blended core course targeted for a library education that matters. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 48(3), 202-217.






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