Privacy Beyond Intellectual Freedom

Libraries and Digital Self-Sovereignty


  • Juliana Mestre Rutgers



philosophy of information, privacy, surveillance


In this paper, critical methods are used to develop a tri-part argument surrounding data privacy and its implications on digital self-sovereignty in the context of libraries. First, the introduction is used to expand on the changing landscape of privacy and librarianship in relation to the data collection rife among library vendors. Second, I turn to the philosophy of information to establish how personal data, as personally identifiable information, are integral to the constitution of the self and thus to digital self-sovereignty. Third, Derridean theory is used to explain how a loss of digital self-sovereignty impacts the very possibility of ethical intersubjectivity. The goal of this paper is to challenge assumptions about data privacy, digital self-sovereignty, and the impact on ethical intersubjectivity in the 21st century, thus contributing to the philosophical scaffolding around privacy as a value for librarianship.


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