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Vol. 43 (2022)
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Article 1 - Etymology and Grammatical Gender of Generic Names in Auchenorrhyncha (Hemiptera). Dmitry A. Dmitriev

Article 2 - Nonindigenous Aquatic Mollusks in Illinois. Jeremy Tiemann, Alison Stodola, Sarah Douglass, Rachel Vinsel, Kevin Cummings

Article 3 - Fishes of Champaign County, Illinois: as affected by 120 years of stream changes. Joshua L. Sherwood, Jeremy S. Tiemann, and Jeffrey A. Stein

Article 4 - Estimating ability to detect secretive marsh birds over distance using autonomous recording units. Haley Holiman, J. Carson Kitaif, Auriel M.V. Fournier, Raymond B. Iglay, and Mark S. Woodrey

Published: 2022-05-01


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