About the Journal


Aims & Scope 

The Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin is one of the oldest scientific publications in North America, having been published continuously since 1876, and has a worldwide distribution. The INHS Bulletin publishes monographs, research papers, and conceptual reviews on all aspects of natural history and related disciplines, including biodiversity and conservation, ecology, systematics and taxonomy, and fisheries and wildlife biology and management. We welcome manuscripts from all biomes, taxa, disciplines, and cultures, as well as all research approaches, including experimental, theoretical, analytical, and the development of new methodologies. 

We consider three types of submissions:

  • Articles are succinct summaries of research in a traditional format.
  • Conceptual Reviews summarize the research in a particular area of, and provide new syntheses of data and new directions for the research field.
  • Monographs are longer works (typically greater than 20 typeset pages upon publication) that explore a topic in-depth.

As of 2019, the INHS Bulletin is an online only, open access publication. Open access publication maximizes dissemination of the research published in our journal which is mutually beneficial to authors and readers, and promotes the advancement of knowledge.  Historically, the INHS Bulletin focused on significant research findings by Illinois Natural History Survey scientists, but we now welcome submissions from all scientists, regardless of organizational affiliation or stage of career.



Journal Policies

Article Processing Charges: Our current article processing charges (APC) are $295 for manuscripts up to 20 typeset pages.  For longer manuscripts, there will be an additional charge of $20/page for each page over 20. (NOTE:  Reviewers who complete reviews by the specified deadlines will receive a credit of $25/review that can be applied toward APCs for future submissions.)

Copyright Policy: Copyright on any article is retained by the author(s).  Authors grant Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin a license to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher.  The article will be distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) license.  Alternate licenses will be considered at the request of the author.

Data Policy: Authors must provide a data availability statement.  While it is understood that not all data can be made public, where possible, it is expected that supporting data will be made available via an appropriate data repository within a reasonable time of publication.  A registry of data repositories can be found at https://www.re3data.org/.  Authors are responsible for fees charged by external data repositories.

Computer Code and Statistics: Authors must clearly explain the statistical procedures used in the publication, and we strongly recommend providing any novel computer code or statistical analyses either as supplementary material or sharing via an appropriate repository.



The Bulletin is indexed in Biological Abstracts, and selectively in CABI, Fish Fisheries and Aquatic Biodiversity Worldwide, Wildlife and Ecology Studies Worldwide, and Zoological Record.


Title Publication History and Archive

The Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin has undergone several name changes which reflect organizational name changes.  Enumeration has been continuous, and the current name has been in use since the 1950s.   The ISSN of the print publication through volume 40 is 0073-4918.  From volume 42 (2019), the publications is online only, and the ISSN is 2644-0687.

Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin (online)                                      vol. 42 -               (2019 - date)
Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin
                                                    vol. 27 – vol. 41 (1957- 2017)
Bulletin of the Illinois Natural History Survey                                          vol. 24 – vol. 26 (1947-1955)
[State of Illinois, Natural History Survey Division] Bulletin                vol. 22 – vol. 23 (1941 -1945)
[State of Illinois, Division of the Natural History Survey] Bulletin    vol. 13 – vol. 21 (1918-1941)
Bulletin of the Illinois State Laboratory of Natural History                    vol. 1, no.3  –  vol. 12 (1880-1917)
The Natural History of Illinois Bulletin                                                     vol. 1, nos. 1-2 (1876-1878)

All back issues of the journal are available via the Archives link.