• Vol. 43 (2022)

    Article 1 - Etymology and Grammatical Gender of Generic Names in Auchenorrhyncha (Hemiptera). Dmitry A. Dmitriev

    Article 2 - Nonindigenous Aquatic Mollusks in Illinois. Jeremy Tiemann, Alison Stodola, Sarah Douglass, Rachel Vinsel, Kevin Cummings

    Article 3 - Fishes of Champaign County, Illinois: as affected by 120 years of stream changes. Joshua L. Sherwood, Jeremy S. Tiemann, and Jeffrey A. Stein

    Article 4 - Estimating ability to detect secretive marsh birds over distance using autonomous recording units. Haley Holiman, J. Carson Kitaif, Auriel M.V. Fournier, Raymond B. Iglay, and Mark S. Woodrey

  • Vol. 42 (2019)

    Article 1 - A molecular phylogenetic analysis of the genera of fruit doves and their allies using dense taxonomic sampling. Jennifer E. Nowak, Andrew D. Sweet, Jason D. Weckstein, and Kevin P. Johnson

    Article 2 - Status, trends, and population demographics of selected sportfish species in the La Grange Reach of the Illinois River. Levi E. Solomon, Richard M. Pendleton, Kristopher A. Maxson, Jacob N. McQuaid, Daniel K. Gibson-Reinemer, Cory A. Anderson, Rebekah L. Anderson, Eli G. Lampo, James T. Lamer, and Andrew F. Casper.

    Cover Photograph: Common Emerald Dove by Max Allen

  • Vol. 41 No. 1 (2017)

    Article 1 - Over 50 years of fish community monitoring in Illinois’ large rivers: The evolution of methods used by the Illinois Natural History Survey’s Long-term Survey and Assessment of Large-River Fishes in Illinois
    Mark W. Fritts, Jason A. DeBoer, Daniel K. Gibson-Reinemer, Benjamin J. Lubinski, Michael A. McClelland, and Andrew F. Casper
  • Vol. 40 No. 1 (2015)

    Article 1 - Current distribution and status of amphibians and reptiles in Will County, Illinois. David Mauger and Thomas G. Anton

  • Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin

    Vol. 39 No. 1-6 (2013)

    Article 1 - Nesting Biology of Mallards in West-central Illinois. Aaron P. Yetter, Joshua D. Stafford, Christopher S. Hine, Matthew W. Bowyer, Stephen P. Havera, and Michelle M. Horath
    Article 2 - Vascular Plant Communities of the Green River Lowlands in Northwestern Illinois. John E. Ebinger, Loy R. Phillippe, William C. Handel, Connie J. Cunningham, William E. McClain, Randy Nyboer, and Todd Bittner
    Article 3 - Review of the Species of New World Erythroneurini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae) IV. Genus Eratoneura. Christopher H. Dietrich and Dmitry A. Dmitriev
    Article 4 - Status of Endangered and Threatened Sand Area Species of the Illinois Flora. Loy R. Phillippe, Brenda Molano-Flores, Michael J.C. Murphy, Paul B. Marcum, and John E. Ebinger
    Article 5 - Distribution, Habitat, and Zoogeography of the Semifossorial Red-bellied Snake Storeria occipitomaculata (Storer) in Illinois. Lauren E. Brown and Christopher A. Phillips
    Article 6 - A decade of monitoring on Pool 26 of the upper Mississippi River System: water quality and fish data from the Upper Mississippi River Restoration Environmental Management Program. John H. Chick, Lori A. Soeken-Gittinger, Eric N. Ratcliff, Eric J. Gittinger, Benjamin J. Lubinski, and Rob E. Maher
  • Vol. 38 No. 1-6 (2009)

    Article 1 - Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Associations of Franklin’s Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus franklinii Sabine 1822). J. J. Huebschman 
    Artice 2 -Review of the New World Erythroneurini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae) I. Genera Erythroneura, Erasmoneura, Rossmoneura, and Hymetta. Dmitry A. Dmitriev and Christopher H. Dietrich
    Article 3 -Review of the Species of New World Erythroneurini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae) II. Genus Zyginama.  Christopher H. Dietrich and Dmitry A. Dmitriev 
    Article 4 - Vascular Flora of Middle Fork Woods Nature Preserve. Richard L. Larimore, Loy R. Phillippe, and John E. Ebinger
    Article 5 - Contaminants in Unionid Mussels from the Confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. Joan Esarey, David J. Soucek, Jeffrey M. Levengood, Robert J. Hudson, Wade Wimer, and Richard S. Halbrook
    Article 6 - Review of the Species of New World Erythroneurini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae) III. Genus Erythridula. Dmitry A. Dmitriev and Christopher H. Dietrich
  • Vol. 37 No. 1-6 (2006)

    Article 1 - A revision of the bees of the genus Andrena of the Western Hemisphere Part XIV—Subgenus Onagrandrena. Wallace E. LaBerge and Robbin W. Thorp
    Article 2 - A revision of the bees of the genus Andrena of the Western Hemisphere Part XV—Subgenus Hesperandrena. Robbin W. Thorp and Wallace E. LaBerge
    Article 3 - Nesting ecology of Black-crowned Night-Herons at Lake Calumet Wetlands. Jeffrey M. Levengood, Walter J. Marcisz, Allison M. Klement, and Margaret A. Kurcz
    Article 4 - Population trends in a Black-crowned Night-Heron colony at Lake Calumet Wetlands. Walter J. Marcisz, Jeffrey M. Levengood, Allison M. Klement, and Margaret A. Kurcz
    Article 5 - Review of the New World genera of the Leafhopper Tribe Erythroneurini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocycbinae). Christopher H. Dietrich and Dmitry A. Dmitriev
    Article 6 - Vegetation and Flora of the Sand Deposits of the Mississippi River Valley in Northwestern Illinois. John E. Ebinger, Loy R. Phillippe, Randy W. Nÿboer, William E. McClain, Daniel T. Busmeyer, Kenneth R. Robinson, and Geoffrey A. Levin
  • Vol. 36 No. 1-5 (2002)

    Article 1 - Acute Toxicity of Ingested Zinc Shot to Game-farm Mallards. Jeffrey M. Levengood, Glen C. Sanderson, William L. Anderson, George L. Foley, Loretta M. Skowron, Patrick W. Brown, and James W. Seets
    Article 2 - Natural History of the Bird-voiced Treefrog (Hyla avivoca) and Green Treefrog (Hyla cinerea) in Southern Illinois. Michael Redmer, Lauren E. Brown, and Ronald A. Brandon
    Article 3 - Revision of the bees of the genus Tetraloniella in the New World (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Wallace E. LaBerge
    Article 4 - Natural History of the Wood Frog (Rana sylvatica) in the Shawnee National Forest. Michael Redmer
    Article 5 - The Winter Stoneflies (Plecoptera) of Illinois: 100 Years of Change. Donald W. Webb
  • Vol. 35 No. 1-5 (1997)

    Article 1 - Non-native Fishes Inhabiting the Streams and Lakes of Illinois. Christopher A. Laird and Lawrence M. Page
    Article 2 - The Fishes of Champaign County, Illinois, During a Century of Alterations of a Prairie Ecosystem. R. W. Larimore and Peter B. Bayley
    Article 3 - Toxicity of Ingested Bismuth Alloy Shot in Game-farm Mallards Acute Toxicity of Ingested Bismuth Alloy Shot in Game-farm Mallards. Glen C. Sanderson, William L. Anderson, George L. Foley, Loretta M. Skowron, Jeffrey D. Brawn, and James W. Seets
    Article 4 - Toxicity of Ingested Bismuth Alloy Shot in Game-farm Mallards Chronic Health Effects and Effects on Reproduction. Glen C. Sanderson, William L. Anderson, George L. Foley, Karen L. Duncan, Loretta M. Skowron, Jeffrey D. Brawn, and James W. Seets
    Article 5 - Annotated Catalog of Type Specimens in the Illinois Natural History Survey Fish Collection. Mark H. Sabaj, Kevin S. Cummings, and Lawrence M. Page
  • Vol. 34 No. 1-6 (1992)

    Article 1 - Monograph of the Neotropical Fern Genus Polybotrya (Dryopteridaceae). Robbin C. Moran
    Article 2 - Aster and Brachyactis in Illinois. Almut G. Jones
    Article 3 - A Nomenclator of Leptosphaeria V. Cesati & G. de Notaris (Mycota-Ascomycotina-Loculoascomycetes).  J. L. Crane and C. A. Shearer
    Article 4 - Our Living Heritage: the Biological Resources of Illinois Proceedings of a symposium in celebration of Earth Day 1990. Lawrence M. Page and Michael R. Jeffords
    Article 5 - Systematics of Leptosphaeria Species Found on the Rosaceae. Sabine M. Huhndorf
    Article 6 - Catalog of Types of the Illinois Natural History Survey Mycological Collections (ILLS).  J. L. Crane and Pamela P. Tazik
  • Vol. 33 No. 1-4 (1985)

    Article 1 - The Diptera, or True Flies, of Illinois I. Tabanidae. L. L. Pechuman, Donald W. Webb, and H. J. Teskey.
    Article 2 - An Annotated Bibliography of the Illinois Herpetological Literature 1960-1980, and an Updated Checklist of Species of the State. Michael A. Morris, Richard S. Funk, and Philip W. Smith
    Article 3 - 125 years of biological research 1858-1983 a symposium. George L. Godfrey, John K. Bouseman, Kenneth L. Robertson, and Robert M. Zewadski
    Article 4 - The Crayfishes and Shrimps (Decapoda) of Illinois. Lawrence M. Page
  • Vol. 32 No. 1-4 (1981)

    Article 1 - Waterfowl Populations and the Changing Environment of the Illinois River Valley. Frank Chapman Bellrose, Fred L. Paveglio, and Donald W. Steffeck
    Article 2 - Primary Insect Types in the Illinois Natural History Survey Collection, Exclusive of the Collembola and Thysanoptera. Donald W. Webb
    Article 3 - The Genera of Nearctic Therevidae. Michael E. Irwin and Leif L. Lyneborg
    Article 4 - The Lake Sangchris Study Case History of an Illinois Cooling Lake. R. Weldon Larimore and John A. Tranquilli
  • Vol. 31 No. 1-10 (1977)

    Article 1 - The Effects of Supplemental Feeding and Fall Drawdowns on the Largemouth Bass and Bluegills at Ridge Lake, Illinois. George William Bennett, H. Wickliffe Adkins, and William F. Childers
    Article 2 - The Reproductive Cycle of the Raccoon in Illinois. Glen C. Sanderson and A. V. Nalbandov
    Article 3 - Nutritional Responses of Pheasants to Corn, with Special Reference to High-Lysine Corn. Ronald F. Labiski and William L. Anderson
    Article 4 - An Urban Epiphytotic of Phloem Necrosis and Dutch Elm Disease, 1944-1972. J. Cedric Carter and Lucille Rogers Carter
    Article 5 - Larvae of the Sericothripini (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), with Reference to Other Larvae of the Terebrantia, of Illinois. Thomas C. Vance
    Article 6 - Root Infection of Woody Hosts with Verticillium albo-atrum. Gerald L. Born
    Article 7 - The Mecoptera, or Scorpionflies, of Illinois. Donald W. Webb, Norman D. Penny, and John C. Marlin
    Article 8 - An Electrofishing Survey of the Illinois River, 1959-1974. Richard E. Sparks and William C. Starrett
    Article 9 - Pesticides and Environmental Quality in Illinois. Robert L. Metcalf and James R. Sanborn
    Article 10 - The Bantam Sunfish, Lepomis Symmetricus Systematics and Distribution, and Life History in Wolf Lake, Illinois.  Brooks M. Burr
  • Vol. 30 No. 1-8 (1972)

    Article 1 - Largemouth Bass and Other Fishes in Ridge Lake, Illinois, 1941-1963. George W. Bennett, H. Wickliffe Adkins, William F. Childers
    Article 2 - Dynamics of One-Species Populations of Fishes in Ponds Subjected to Cropping and Additional Stocking. Homer Buck and Charles F. Thoits
    Article 3 - Migrational Behavior of Mallards and Black Ducks as Determined from Banding. Frank Chapman Bellrose and Robert D. Crompton
    Article 4 - Fertilization of Established Trees A Report of Field Studies. Dan Neely, E. B. Himelick, Webster R. Crowley
    Article 5 - A Survey of the Mussels (Unionacea) of the Illinois River A Polluted Stream. William C. Starrett
    Article 6 - Comparative Uptake and Biodegradability of DDT and Methoxychlor by Aquatic Organisms. Keturah A. Reinbold, Inder P. Kapoor, William F. Childers, Willis N. Bruce, and Robert L. Metcalf
    Article 7 - A Comparative Study of Two Components of the Poinsettia Root Rot Complex. Robert S. Perry
    Article 8 - Dynamics of Condition Parameters and Organ Measurements in Pheasants. William L. Anderson
  • Vol. 29 No. 1-4 (1968)

    Article 1 - A Biological Investigation of the Fishes of Lake Chautauqua, Illinois. William C. Starrett and Arnold W. Fritz
    Article 2 - Stocking and Sport Fishing at Lake Glendale (Illinois). Donald F. Hansen
    Article 3 - Hybridization of Four Species of Sunfishes (Centrarchidae). William F. Childers
    Article 4 - The Thrips, or Thysanoptera, of Illinois. Lewis J. Stannard
  • Vol. 28 No. 1-3 (1963)

    Article 1 - The Amphibians and Reptiles of Illinois. Philip W. Smith
    Article 2 - The Fishes of Champaign County, Illinois, as Affected by 60 Years of Stream Changes. R. Weldon Larimore and Philip W. Smith
    Article 3 - A Comparative Study of Bird Populations in Illinois, 1906-1909 and 1956-1958. Richard R. Graber and Jean W. Graber

  • Vol. 27 No. 1-6 (1961)

    Article 1 - Ecological Life History of the Warmouth (Centrarchidae). R. Weldon Larimore
    Article 2 - A Century of Biological Research. Harlow B. Mills, George C. Decker, Herbert H. Ross, J. Cedric Carter, George William Bennett, Thomas G. Scott, James S. Ayars, Ruth R. Warrick, and Bessie B. East
    Article 3 - Lead Poisoning as a Mortality Factor in Waterfowl Populations. Frank C. Bellrose.
    Article 4 - Food Habits of Migratory Ducks in Illinois. Harry G. Anderson
    Article 5 - Hook-and-Line Catch in Fertilized and Unfertilized Ponds. Donald F. Hansen, George W. Bennett, Robert J. Webb, and John M. Lewis
    Article 6 - Sex Ratios and Age Ratios in North American Ducks. Frank C. Bellrose, Thomas G. Scott, Arthur S. Hawkins, and Jessop B. Low
  • Vol. 26 No. 1-6 (1955)

    Article 1 - The Mayflies, or Ephemeroptera, of Illinois. B. D. Burks
    Article 2 - Largemouth Bass in Ridge Lake, Coles County, Illinois. George W. Bennett
    Article 3 - Natural Availability of Oak Wilt Inocula. E. A. Curl
    Article 4 - Efficiency and Selectivity of Commercial Fishing Devices Used on the Mississippi River. William C. Starrett, Paul G. Barnickol
    Article 5 - Hill Prairies of Illinois. Robert A. Evers
    Article 6 - Fusarium Disease of Gladiolus its Causal Agent. Junius L. Forsberg
  • Vol. 25 No. 1-6 (1952)

    Article 1 - Characteristics of Residual Insecticides Toxic to the House Fly. Willis N. Bruce
    Article 2 - Effect of Permanent Flooding in a River-Bottom Timber Area. Lee E. Yeager
    Article 3 - Canada Geese of the Mississippi Flyway with Special Reference to an Illinois Flock. Harold C. Hanson, Robert H. Smith
    Article 4 - Biology of the White Crappie in Illinois. Donald F. Hanson
    Article 5 - Commercial and Sport Fishes of the Mississippi River Between Caruthersville, Missouri, and Dubuque, Iowa. Paul G. Barnickol, William G. Starrett
    Article 6 - Tularemia, Weather, and Rabbit Populations. Ralph E. Yeatter, David H. Thompson
  • Vol. 24 No. 1-4 (1949)

    Article 1 - The Mosquitoes of Illinois (Diptera, Culicidae). Herbert H. Ross
    Article 2 - The Leafhoppers, or Cicadellidae, of Illinois (Eurymelinae Balcluthinae). D. M. DeLong
    Article 3 - The Bass-Bluegill Combination in a Small Artificial Lake. George W. Bennet
    Article 4 - The Pseudoscorpions of Illinois. C. Clayton Hoff
  • Vol. 23 No. 1-5 (1945)

    Article 1 - The Caddis Flies, or Trichoptera, of Illinois. Herbert H. Ross
    Article 2 - Duck Populations and Kill: an Evaluation of Some Waterfowl Regulations in Illinois. Frank C. Bellrose
    Article 3 - Overfishing in a Small Artificial Lake Onized Lake Near Alton, Illinois. George W. Bennett
    Article 4 - Wetwood of Elms. J. Cedric Carter
    Article 5 - Fox Squirrels and Gray Squirrels in Illinois. Louis G. Brown, Lee E. Yeager
  • Vol. 22 No. 1-7 (1943)

    Article 1 - The Plant Bugs, or Miridae, of Illinois.  Harry H. Knight
    Article 2 - Studies of North American Plecoptera with special reference to the fauna of Illinois. T. H. Frison
    Article 3 - Management of Small Artificial Lakes a summary of fisheries investigations, 1938-1942. George W. Bennett
    Article 4 - The Prairie Chicken in Illinois. Ralph E. Yeatter
    Article 5 - Preferential Rating of Duck Food Plants. Frank C. Bellrose, Harry G. Anderson
    Article 6 - Survey of the Illinois Fur Resource. Louis G. Brown, Lee E. Yeager
    Article 7 - Illinois Furbearer Distribution and Income. Carl O. Mohr

  • Vol. 21 No. 1-8 (1941)

    Article 1 - The Effects of Petroleum-oil Sprays on Insects and Plants.  M. D. Farrar
    Article 2 - Responses of the Large-mouth Black Bass to Colors. Frank A. Brown, Jr.
    Article 3 - Studies of Nearctic Aquatic Insects: 
                      I. Nearctic Alder Flies of the Genus Sialis (Megaloptera, Sialidae).  Herbert H. Ross
                     II. Descriptions of Plecoptera with Special Reference to the Illinois Species. T. H. Frison
    Article 4 - Descriptions of Nearctic Caddisflies with Special Reference to the Illinois Species. T. H. Frison
    Article 5 - Preliminary Studies on Parasites of Upland Game Birds and Fur-bearing Mammals of Illinois.
    Article 6 - Preliminary Investigation of Oak Diseases in Illinois. W. Henry Lee
    Aritlce 7 - A Needle Blight of Austrian pine.  Robert L. Hulbary
    Article 8 - Duck Food Plants of the Illinois River Valley.  Frank C. Belrose, Jr.

  • Vol. 20 No. 1-5 (1935)

    Article 1 - Initial Studies of American Elm Diseases in Illinois. Hubert A. Harris
    Article 2 - A Survey of the Fishery of the Kaskaskia River. Wilbur M. Luce
    Article 3 - The Dermaptera and Orthoptera of Illinois. Morgan Hebard
    Article 4 - The Stoneflies, or Plecoptera, of Illinois. T. H. Frison
    Article 5 - Annotated List of the Fishes of Illinois. D. John O'Donnell

  • Vol. 19 No. 1-6 (1932)

    Article 1 - The Fishes of Champaign County A Study of the Distribution and Abundance of Fishes in Small Streams. David H. Thompson, Francis D. Hunt
    Article 2 - Records of Spring Migration of Birds at Urbana, Illinois, 1903-1922. Frank Smith
    Article 3 - The Plant Lice, or Aphiidae, of Illinois. Frederick C. Hottes, Theodore H. Frison
    Article 4 - The Plankton of Some Sink Hole Ponds in Southern Illinois. Samuel Eddy
    Article 5 - The Plankton of the Sangamon River in the Summer of 1929. Samuel Eddy
    Article 6 - An Experimental and Observational Study of the Chinch Bug in Relation to Climate and Weather. V. E. Shelford

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