Vol. 34 No. 1-6 (1992)

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Article 1 - Monograph of the Neotropical Fern Genus Polybotrya (Dryopteridaceae). Robbin C. Moran
Article 2 - Aster and Brachyactis in Illinois. Almut G. Jones
Article 3 - A Nomenclator of Leptosphaeria V. Cesati & G. de Notaris (Mycota-Ascomycotina-Loculoascomycetes).  J. L. Crane and C. A. Shearer
Article 4 - Our Living Heritage: the Biological Resources of Illinois Proceedings of a symposium in celebration of Earth Day 1990. Lawrence M. Page and Michael R. Jeffords
Article 5 - Systematics of Leptosphaeria Species Found on the Rosaceae. Sabine M. Huhndorf
Article 6 - Catalog of Types of the Illinois Natural History Survey Mycological Collections (ILLS).  J. L. Crane and Pamela P. Tazik
Published: 1992-05-31