Vol. 22 No. 1-7 (1943)

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Article 1 - The Plant Bugs, or Miridae, of Illinois.  Harry H. Knight
Article 2 - Studies of North American Plecoptera with special reference to the fauna of Illinois. T. H. Frison
Article 3 - Management of Small Artificial Lakes a summary of fisheries investigations, 1938-1942. George W. Bennett
Article 4 - The Prairie Chicken in Illinois. Ralph E. Yeatter
Article 5 - Preferential Rating of Duck Food Plants. Frank C. Bellrose, Harry G. Anderson
Article 6 - Survey of the Illinois Fur Resource. Louis G. Brown, Lee E. Yeager
Article 7 - Illinois Furbearer Distribution and Income. Carl O. Mohr

Published: 1943-09-30