Vol. 27 No. 1-6 (1961)

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Article 1 - Ecological Life History of the Warmouth (Centrarchidae). R. Weldon Larimore
Article 2 - A Century of Biological Research. Harlow B. Mills, George C. Decker, Herbert H. Ross, J. Cedric Carter, George William Bennett, Thomas G. Scott, James S. Ayars, Ruth R. Warrick, and Bessie B. East
Article 3 - Lead Poisoning as a Mortality Factor in Waterfowl Populations. Frank C. Bellrose.
Article 4 - Food Habits of Migratory Ducks in Illinois. Harry G. Anderson
Article 5 - Hook-and-Line Catch in Fertilized and Unfertilized Ponds. Donald F. Hansen, George W. Bennett, Robert J. Webb, and John M. Lewis
Article 6 - Sex Ratios and Age Ratios in North American Ducks. Frank C. Bellrose, Thomas G. Scott, Arthur S. Hawkins, and Jessop B. Low
Published: 1961-08-31