Vol. 39 No. 1-6 (2013)

Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin
Article 1 - Nesting Biology of Mallards in West-central Illinois. Aaron P. Yetter, Joshua D. Stafford, Christopher S. Hine, Matthew W. Bowyer, Stephen P. Havera, and Michelle M. Horath
Article 2 - Vascular Plant Communities of the Green River Lowlands in Northwestern Illinois. John E. Ebinger, Loy R. Phillippe, William C. Handel, Connie J. Cunningham, William E. McClain, Randy Nyboer, and Todd Bittner
Article 3 - Review of the Species of New World Erythroneurini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae) IV. Genus Eratoneura. Christopher H. Dietrich and Dmitry A. Dmitriev
Article 4 - Status of Endangered and Threatened Sand Area Species of the Illinois Flora. Loy R. Phillippe, Brenda Molano-Flores, Michael J.C. Murphy, Paul B. Marcum, and John E. Ebinger
Article 5 - Distribution, Habitat, and Zoogeography of the Semifossorial Red-bellied Snake Storeria occipitomaculata (Storer) in Illinois. Lauren E. Brown and Christopher A. Phillips
Article 6 - A decade of monitoring on Pool 26 of the upper Mississippi River System: water quality and fish data from the Upper Mississippi River Restoration Environmental Management Program. John H. Chick, Lori A. Soeken-Gittinger, Eric N. Ratcliff, Eric J. Gittinger, Benjamin J. Lubinski, and Rob E. Maher
Published: 2013-09-30