Vol. 33 No. 1-4 (1985)

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Article 1 - The Diptera, or True Flies, of Illinois I. Tabanidae. L. L. Pechuman, Donald W. Webb, and H. J. Teskey.
Article 2 - An Annotated Bibliography of the Illinois Herpetological Literature 1960-1980, and an Updated Checklist of Species of the State. Michael A. Morris, Richard S. Funk, and Philip W. Smith
Article 3 - 125 years of biological research 1858-1983 a symposium. George L. Godfrey, John K. Bouseman, Kenneth L. Robertson, and Robert M. Zewadski
Article 4 - The Crayfishes and Shrimps (Decapoda) of Illinois. Lawrence M. Page
Published: 1985-09-30