Vol. 30 No. 1-8 (1972)

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Article 1 - Largemouth Bass and Other Fishes in Ridge Lake, Illinois, 1941-1963. George W. Bennett, H. Wickliffe Adkins, William F. Childers
Article 2 - Dynamics of One-Species Populations of Fishes in Ponds Subjected to Cropping and Additional Stocking. Homer Buck and Charles F. Thoits
Article 3 - Migrational Behavior of Mallards and Black Ducks as Determined from Banding. Frank Chapman Bellrose and Robert D. Crompton
Article 4 - Fertilization of Established Trees A Report of Field Studies. Dan Neely, E. B. Himelick, Webster R. Crowley
Article 5 - A Survey of the Mussels (Unionacea) of the Illinois River A Polluted Stream. William C. Starrett
Article 6 - Comparative Uptake and Biodegradability of DDT and Methoxychlor by Aquatic Organisms. Keturah A. Reinbold, Inder P. Kapoor, William F. Childers, Willis N. Bruce, and Robert L. Metcalf
Article 7 - A Comparative Study of Two Components of the Poinsettia Root Rot Complex. Robert S. Perry
Article 8 - Dynamics of Condition Parameters and Organ Measurements in Pheasants. William L. Anderson
Published: 1972-07-31