Vol. 19 No. 1-6 (1932)

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Article 1 - The Fishes of Champaign County A Study of the Distribution and Abundance of Fishes in Small Streams. David H. Thompson, Francis D. Hunt
Article 2 - Records of Spring Migration of Birds at Urbana, Illinois, 1903-1922. Frank Smith
Article 3 - The Plant Lice, or Aphiidae, of Illinois. Frederick C. Hottes, Theodore H. Frison
Article 4 - The Plankton of Some Sink Hole Ponds in Southern Illinois. Samuel Eddy
Article 5 - The Plankton of the Sangamon River in the Summer of 1929. Samuel Eddy
Article 6 - An Experimental and Observational Study of the Chinch Bug in Relation to Climate and Weather. V. E. Shelford

Published: 1932-01-31