Constructing Solidarities for a Humane Urbanism

Getting Through Collectives

In the previous section, we covered the oppressive ways of the neoliberal world order. Alienation as social relation and commodification of social goods are the norms, while communal ownership and disalienated ways of living are the target of policing, surveillance, and eradication. Is the neoliberal landscape an ever-expanding blanket that continually swallows up everything it encounters? Is there any hope of subversion, resistance, survival in the face of large forces that seem beyond our everyday grasp? In this section we will look at collectives organizing against contemporary atrocities—homelessness, displacement, racism, and classism among others. We will think closely about the shifting organizing models, strategies, and principles emerging from such collectives. We will also inquire how collectives sustain themselves in the face of internal and external obstacles to their flourishing.

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